Why Should Exhibit

Why Should Exhibit

Why Making Halal Investment In Indonesia Is The Smart Choice


Indonesia has a large Muslim populationn (about 87.2 percent of the total population) and the largest global domestic halal market. As a result, Indonesia’s market share has become the largest globally, reaching 13 percent of the global halal industry market.

Abundant Natural Resources

Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources, Indonesia is perfectly positioned to supply the raw materials and commodities needed by foreign industries, some of Indonesia's largest natural resources are nickel & palm oil, tin, coal, copper, gold, natural gas, and bauxite.

Special Skills Workers

Investing in the halal industry in Indonesia means you can hire local workers in Indonesian who have various special skills which can help international companies, penetrate the Indonesian market more effeciently.

A strong unity in Diversity

Indonesia is a vast archipelago comprising more than 17.000 islands. Consist of various, cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity. The Indonesian motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or unity in diversity,epitomizes, the country's outlook on life. It is an integral part of Indonesia's official emblem and is enshrined in the Constitution.

Indonesia as the world halal centre 2024

To support this program, three products distributed in Indonesia must be halal-certified by 2024. These products are food and beverage, raw materials, food additives, and additional materials for food and beverage and slaughterhouse products and services

Why You Have to Participate in HEI

  • The first business-to-business international halal exhibition in Indonesia
    Halal Expo Indonesia is the first international halal expo in Indonesia that targets international and Indonesian buyers worldwide.
  • Part of the global halal expo group
    Halal Expo Indonesia is part of the global halal expo group, a Global Collaboration of Halal Trade Show Organizers, Unifying to develop, facilitate and optimize Halal Trade & Economy worldwide. Members include; Halal Expo London, Halal Expo Albania, India International Halal Expo, Halal Expo Indonesia, Halal Expo Nigeria, Sarajevo Halal Fair, Expo Halal Spain, Oic Halal Expo Turkey, World Halal Summit.
  • Partnership with qualified partners in the industries
    Halal Expo Indonesia has partnership with a wide range of qualified institutions, such as the Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Community (KPMI), KNEKS (National Sharia Economy and Finance Committee), Halal Certification LPPOM MUI, and other institutions as part of the Indonesia halal ecosystem.
  • Wide range of side programs related to the current situation in the halal industry worldwide

    Halal Expo Indonesia will be supported by various business programs, from conferences, business meetings, workshops, business forums, business mentoring, and VIP meet & mingle. Those programs will present current themes in the halal industry worldwide. For public visitors, Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) also presents Halal Run, HEI creative & art, HEI Edutainment Ground, HEI Cooking, HEI Coffee, HEI Woman, and HEI Youth.

  • It is located Strategically in the heart of Jakarta
    The Jakarta Convention Center, also known as Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center located in Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex. Halal Expo Indonesia will be held in this location, which hosts events for the world’s political, business, and entertainment leaders.