25 - 29 October 2023

Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia

Halal Expo Indonesia

Networking the Global Islamic Industries to the Indonesian Halal Ecosystem

Welcome to Halal Expo Indonesia

Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 is the largest B2B Halal Exhibition & Conference in Indonesia formed by the synergy of various parties, including the Community, the Government as a regulator, academics, practitioners, who in this case are Moslem entrepreneurs and the active participation of all components of society in the success of this activity.

Halal Expo Indonesia it self is to broadcast islamic sharia related to the halal human life and most importantly is as a forum for the economic movement of moslems which is expected to be a catalyst for accelerating the economic growth of the Ummah Nationally and Globally

Our aim is to be the largest halal event and platform that brings various bene ts for the universe. Said by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him; “The Best of people are those who are most bene cial to people”. Insha Allah Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 will be wide richer of the global halal content from other countries around the world and more International Speakers. We look forward to your participation in the Halal Expo Indonesia 2023.


Dive into the potential market, the most populous Muslim Majority country in the world. Show case you best products and services, get a business and be part of the islamic industry development in Indonesia.

Join and be part of us now!

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